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5 super acting TIPS Rytasha Rathore


Newcomer Rytasha Rathore, who is seen depicting a larger than average young lady Badho in &TV’s show Badho Bahu is surprising group of onlookers and industry with her immaculate acting ability.

The youthful young lady began her profession with theater in Mumbai. Being a theater craftsman and having experienced childhood in South Mumbai, Rytasha was at first extremely uneasy to do TV cleanser, yet in the long run collapsed as playing a provincial Haryanvi young lady introduced a test for her as a performing artist.

In spite of the fact that her character on screen depicts an accommodating country lady of the hour, Rytasha is the direct inverse, in actuality.

Her acting ability has turned into all the rage and thus we requested that the excellence share some acting tips. Here read on for some master tips…..

Acting is all about listening

Listen to your co-actor. Listen to your body. Just listen!! Don’t pretend to listen. Actually pay attention to what the other person is saying.

Leave your ego at the door

There is no room for your ego when you are acting. That’s the most important thing I learnt at drama school. Approach your work with humility and curiosity. We will never know everything – nobody does. Every single day there is something new to learn. Never assume anything. And don’t direct your co-actors – that isn’t your job. There’s a director for that.

Read the script

The clues are in the text. If you read the script closely enough you will find out everything there is to know about the scene. At least for TV, the script is my main reference point. Also, punctuation marks are so important. It really assists in dialogue delivery if you understand punctuation.


Breathing is possibly the most important thing for an actor. Just breathe and speak. Or breathe and listen. But just breathe. It helps me to stay in the moment and not get distracted.

Be present

Lastly, stay in the moment. Be present. It is all happening now. The character is experiencing what you are acting for the first time. So even if you’ve rehearsed it 100 times, the character doesn’t know what’s about to happen. So just play every moment – never ahead and never before the line or the moment that is currently happening…..

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