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Aakash Aath Ek Maser Galpo feature Shaktipada Rajguru Jiban Kahini

Aakash Aath Ek Maser Galpo feature Shaktipada Rajguru Jiban Kahini

Dear faithful viewers of Aakash Aath’s Ek Maser Galpo, here we bring a redesign for you.

The following Ek Maser Galpo is ‘Jiban Kahini’, in view of a novel by Shaktipada Rajguru.

Coordinated by Shankar Chanda, it stars on-screen characters like Riturai Acharya, Indrajit Deb, Prosun Gayen, Tarun Chakraborty, Rhitoja Majumder, Abanti Dutta and others.

Presently going to the plot, it will portray the voyage of a poor man, Jiban, who lives in a ghetto with his little girl Basanti. Jiban fills in as an operator of an insurance agency however can’t do another approach.

Jiban will likewise neglect to pay the rent of his home. Thus, Gadai babu, proprietor of the ghetto, will risk him one day.

As it would turn out, Gadai will get pulled in to Basanti. Regardless of being hitched, he would need to wed her. So as to draw Basanti, he will display numerous blessings yet his endeavors will fall flat. A furious Gadai will then affront Jiban one day. To aggravate matters for the father-little girl team, the reserved men will likewise get pulled in to her…….

Upset with all the depressing things, Jiban will try to kill himself. To end his life, he will go to Howrah bridge and try to jump into the Ganga River. At the bridge he will meet another person Ashim with the same intention. And instead of attempting suicide, Jiban will end up saving the person’s life as well as his own.
But there is a twist in the story, readers!
After hearing the reason of his suicide attempt, Jiban will chock a plan.
He will ask Ashim to die after seven days. He will even take him to his own house and ask his daughter to take care of him.
Jiban will tell his daughter that after seven days their luck will be good but won’t reveal how!
Right after seven days, he will provoke Ashim to die. But now Ashim will change his mind and will refuse to die.
This will anger him because if Ashim will not die then his plans will not be successful.
What plan Jiban has made? Will he be successful in provoking Ashim to die? And what will happen to Basanti? To know all the answers watch the tale.
Talking about the story, Shankar said, “It’s a story of a poor man, who is trying to live life. His fight is with life itself. It shows that a life that was about to end, rises again with hopes.”
“A film was also made on the story. But our story is little different. In the film there were only four main characters but here we have a few more to suit the format of the serial. We have mainly followed the novel,” he added.
The serial is being shot in various parts like Ashok Nagar, Baruipur Rajbari, Howrah Bridge, and old lanes and by lanes of North Kolkata.
It will be aired in the month of August, every Monday to Saturday, 7 pm……

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