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Aakash Aath launches new musical show Trak Record

Aakash Aath launches new musical show Trak Record

Aakash Aath is going to air another musical verifiable show titled ‘Trak Record’, which means to speak to and resuscitate the soul of the brilliant time of music through resonant tracks yet in a totally new organization.

The show will see prominent expert artists like Sidhu, Jojo and vocalists of today’s era like Kinjal and others warble old melodies recently.

Discussing Trak Record, Debjit Roy, music chief, said, “This is a show where we will explore different avenues regarding the melodies of 70s, 80s and 90s. Without aggravating the first tunes, we will display them in a complete new manner. We can’t tie the tunes of these periods in a specific time span. They can be heard at whatever time.”

Perusers, would you be able to think about what the other fascinating some portion of this system is?

All things considered, the show will be facilitated by an ‘undetectable grapple’….

Supriyo Ghosh, director of the show, explained, “We all know that an anchor is a very important person who provides stability to a show by binding all the important elements together. However, it will have no anchor unlike other programmes of the channel. The singers will briefly talk about the songs that they are going to perform. And a ‘voice’ will coordinate the show like by introducing the singer.”
When asked whose voice the audience will get to hear, he revealed saying, “RJ Roy”.
Popular singer Jojo, who will be seen in some of the episodes crooning melodious tracks, is excited about the show.
She opined, “I found the format quite interesting. A lot of experiments will be done with the songs with main focus on the usage of musical instruments. The show is for everyone but I feel Gen-Y will get attracted to it the most. The show is inspiring and cool……

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