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Amrita Chattopadhyay film Tanzil screened KIFF


On-screen character Amrita Chattopadhyay, known for movies like Anwar Ka Ajab Kissa (Hindi), Bhengchi (Bengali) and Janla Diye Bou Palalo (Bengali), is over the moon nowadays!

Her up and coming film Tanzil (Bengali) has been chosen for screening at the 22nd Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF).

Tanzil will see Amrita ordering the part of a youthful mother.

The film has been coordinated and created by Mahua Chakraborty. Orion Entertainment is additionally a fundamental piece of this film.

Discussing her character in Tanzil, Amrita said to Nortontugofwar.com, “In the film, my character name is Tanzil, which is additionally the name of the film. It’s the voyage of this lady, who is additionally the mother of two: a girl and a child. The child is an uncommon tyke and a unique kid is playing the character.”

“Along these lines, it’s fundamentally the voyage of a youthful mother. The character I depicted is around 35-36 years of age, precisely 10 years more established than my genuine age,” she included….
When asked to share her feelings on the selection, she expressed, “Tanzil being the only film from India in the international competition section, women directors, it really feels great. There were around 73-75 films competing from India, so it feels amazing that our film is the ‘chosen one’.”
Great going, pretty lady!
The film also stars actors like Avrajit Chakraborty, Mousumi Bhattacharya and Jack Bhattacharya.
Tanzil will be screened on 13 November, 7.30 pm at Rabindra Sadan. It is slated for theatrical release in the coming year…..

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