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Anjali wedding drama reach crescendo Colors Sasural Simar Ka


Faithful fanatics of Colors’ well known show Sasural Simar Ka (Rashmi Sharma Productions) have been gnawing on to their nails, pondering whether Simar (Dipika Kakar) will have the capacity to stop her little girl Anjali’s (Vaishali Takkar) marriage on time, and recognize Vikram (Siddharth Shivpuri) as the person who has ruined Vaidehi’s (Kajol Srivastava) life…

Presently, the wedding show will get greater with Vaidehi becoming more acquainted with reality behind Vikram’s vengeance mode.

With a specific end goal to spare Anjali’s life, Vaidehi will burst into the wedding setting to make mindful Simar of reality.

In any case, will Vaidehi reach on time?

According to sources, “There will be genuine dramatization at the wedding scene with Vaidehi coming and telling Simar and all in the family about reality of Vikram. While Simar will completely accept and confide in what Vaidehi would have said, others in the family, particularly Anjali won’t trust a word.”

This will prompt to a noteworthy disarray wherein Simar will attempt to tell all that Vaidehi is bona fide. Yet, Anjali will dependably feel that Vaidehi is being desirous of her cheerfully hitched future.
But the twist in the tale will be that Vaidehi will come to the venue after Vikram and Anjali’s wedding.
Alas!! And this will only mean that Simar will have a major problem on her hands, as her daughter is already wedded to the man who tried to harm another girl.
What will Simar’s decision be?
If sources are to be believed, Simar will put her foot down and stop Anjali’s ‘bidaai’ from happening. However, Anjali will be adamant and will tell her mother that she wants to go ahead with her wedding.
How will Simar tackle this grave problem?
We tried contacting Dipika, Vaishali and Kajol, but the actresses were busy with their shoot….

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