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Aparna and Arjun rubbish rumours hooking up


Debates and superstars go turn in glove. From time to time, we get the opportunity to hear new and all the more stunning discussions including uber stars of the TV world.

As needs be, a famous excitement gateway reported about wedded Arjun Bijlani getting comfortable with a “plastered” Aparna Dixit (Kalash notoriety) at a rural bar. The assertion leveled was that of betrayal.

In any case, both Aparna and Arjun addressed and invalidated the article as ‘outlandish talk’ and a fabrication of creative energy.

“The news is not valid by any means. I am stunned as the specific media did not attempt to get in touch with me and proceeded to distribute the article. By what method can individuals compose without conversing with me? Arjun is a companion and we have met at different occasions. His significant other Neha (Swami) is all the more near me,” shared Aparna.

She proceeded with, “I by and large don’t go to parties. Individuals can’t welcome or meet each other at a gathering or else their issue story will come up. Individuals are attempting to connection me up with on-screen characters. I realize what I am and Arjun’s family likewise recognizes what he is, so I am not stressed with these sorts of gossipy tidbits.”

Arjun on his part said: “We are companions since quite a while and there were different companions additionally at that gathering. I loathe this sort of talk……

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