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Arbaaz Khan supports Kapil Sharma

Arbaaz Khan supports Kapil Sharma

Bollywood on-screen character producer Arbaaz Khan has loaned his backing to humorist and performing artist Kapil Sharma on his late tweet about debasement.

“Each native in our nation has their own perspectives on governmental issues and they know the outcomes they need to confront on communicating their perspective. On the off chance that Kapil has given any unseemly explanation, he is prepared to face that,” Arbaaz said at an Eid festivity occasion on Tuesday.

He was alluding to Kapil’s tweet in which he made the stunning affirmation that he paid Rs 15 crore salary charge each year since the previous five years, yet was made to pay a fix of Rs 500,000 to a city officer for speeding up his office work.

“Regular, somebody says something and without making a right significance, individuals begin confounding. We say we ought to have flexibility of expression yet when we express, others begin assaulting,” said Arbaaz….
Let’s allow him to express his opinion. You agree or disagree but leave him with his statement. Why crucify? Instead of standing with him for an issue like corruption, people have started accusing him,” he added.

Arbaaz also expressed that people don’t easily forgive and become intolerant.

His star brother Sohail, who was also present for the Eid celebration with his “Freaky Ali” team, added: “Everyone has their own personal experience. I have known Kapil for long. He is one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met in my life……

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