Tuesday , 6 December 2016
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Arpit Ranka injured while shooting war scene


On-screen character Arpit Ranka, who is right now assuming the part of Raja Padmanand in “Chandra Nandni”, was harmed on the arrangements of the show while shooting for a war grouping.

The show’s progressing story has war arrangements between Chandragupta Maurya and Padmanand. Amid one such arrangement, Arpit should move the sword at a point however because of a jumble in timing, the performer wound up with a sprained bear. He needed to quit shooting until the torment on his shoulder diminished.

“Despite the fact that I am fit and my joints are truly adaptable with the sword, there was a bungle and all of a sudden I felt a torment leak in through my right shoulder when I influenced the sword for the scene. It was sudden and given the agony, I needed to quit shooting for 60 minutes until the torment died down after which I relaxed,” Arpit said in an announcement.

The show, publicized on Star Plus, delivers the adventure of the compelling ruler Chandragupta and his significant other Nandni…..

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