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Ashiesh Roy excited about Haldi revelry Sony TV Ek Rishta

Ashiesh Roy excited about Haldi revelry Sony TV Ek Rishta

Ashiesh Roy is certainly on a roll nowadays. The dedicated performer, who has hugely awed as the affection crossed spouse Ashok in the Sphere Origins’ cleanser ‘Minor Angane Mein’, is by all accounts on a marking spree.

He can now be seen in not one, not two, but rather three every day cleansers. He plays the dialect fixated Kirtan Pandit in the Optimystix SAB TV every day ‘Dr. Bhanumati On Duty’, and as the dissident Purshottam in Kavita Barjatya’s ‘Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka’ on Sony TV. Also, that is not all. Not long from now, he will take off to Kenya to do a play. With this, Ashiesh comes back to arrange following a crevice of two years, something he appears to be noticeably amped up for.

In any case, the part he is super charmed with is that of Purshottam in Kavita Barjatya’s ‘Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka’. Ashiesh plays Diwakar Sethia’s (Sooraj Thapar) youth companion and samdhi Purshottam, and seems to have not a solitary genuine bone in his body. He is the main individual who can tie the generally strict slave driver Diwakar up in tangles. He upsets the whole teach of the family, much to the joy of the youngsters. In any case, underneath his tumultuous outside, he is Diwakar’s staunchest supporter and emergency chief…..
Purshottam’s character is quite honestly closest to me in real life,” confesses Ashiesh. “And I almost didn’t get to do the part as there were lot of date issues with ‘Mere Angane Mein’, where my role suddenly became more meaty and important. Loyalty issues crept in, and I did refuse the role with a heavy heart.”
But like they say in the entertainment industry, what you have to get, will come to you eventually. “Producer Kavita intervened and assured me that she will sort out the date issues, and I was back on board. It is a fantastic role for which I have been given a free hand to interpret, and with Sooraj Thapar’s help, it has shaped up rather well.”
Ashiesh is excited about the haldi sequence in the Sony TV show that will go on air tonight (10 October). “I am especially fond of the haldi scene, which I disrupt in spite of Diwakar’s strict instructions, and turn it virtually into a holi celebration, with haldi flying around and smearing everybody. And in the end, a shocked Diwakar also joins in the revelry, and it becomes a riot of colours. The shooting reached such a crescendo that even the crew joined in towards the end, and we were excited about splashing haldi on everything and everybody, practically ruining the white set!”
But no one minded, as the results were stunning. “Of course, we all had to bathe for hours afterwards to get rid of the haldi, which was everywhere and into everything. And some of us are still yellow days later!” The particular episode airs tonight, and we look forward to much more spontaneous revelry on set in the coming weeks.”
Also speaking about this sudden flurry of work, Ashiesh says, “After ‘Papad Pol’, Optimystix and I were trying to work together for a long time, but the economics were not working out. This time around, when they approached me, they had a light-hearted character which I liked immediately. It felt like a nice change from the serious role I was doing for over a year in ‘Mere Angane Mein’. And it went down quite well with the audience as well. So it was quite a good outing……..

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