Tuesday , 6 December 2016
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Avni to take up Asha surname Naamkarann


The little child Avni (Arsheen Namdar) has been winning our hearts in Star Plus’ Naamkarann (Guroudev Bhalla Productions).

Presently, the young lady will make a striking stride that will leave the all vast in stun.

As viewers would know, Avni is being congratulated with a valiance grant and the whole neighborhood has together to be a piece of the decent minute.

Asha (Barkha Bisht) will overflow with pride while Ashish (Viraf Patel) will remain out of sight, cheering for his little girl. What’s more, as Avni will go up on the stage she will stun everybody.

Neela (Sayantani Ghosh) will welcome Avni on the dais and once there, she will get some information about her surname. Avni will then make an inspiring declaration.

Offers a source, “Avni will tell the world that her dad did not have the boldness to acknowledge her and her mom and consequently she thinks of her as mother to be the person who has sole appropriate on her. Upbraiding her dad, Avni will state that she will now rechristen herself as Avni Ayesha (Asha’s genuine name).”
Her decision will be greeted with joy and Asha would be left in tears seeing her daughter fight for them. As for Ashish, he will be heartbroken and decide to move out from their lives.
What lies ahead in the track? How will Asha-Ashish-Neela love story move ahead?
Barkha remained unavailable for a comment.

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