Thursday , 27 October 2016
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Ayaz played prank Ratan

Ayaz played prank Ratan

As of late, on the arrangements of &TV’s well known show Santoshi Maa, our good looking legend played a trick on his guiltless co-star Ratan Rajpoot.

According to a source, “Ayaz and Ratan were shooting a sentimental succession. At the point when Ratan went into her vanity to keep her telephone, Ayaz saw that and shrouded the telephone. Ratan soon understood that her versatile was missing and got tensed. They began hunting down the telephone……
But Ratan learnt that this was Ayaz and the director’s prank. In order to retun her phone, Ayaz put forth a condition of a lassi treat for the entire cast and crew.
The sport that she is, Ratan accepted the condition and got her phone back. But, but… she did not treat the cast to chilled glasses of lassi!
Talking about the incident, Ratan said, “I was super tensed, but when I noticed Ayaz’s pocket, he had two phones. So I knew that he was the prankster. I cheated them and did not treat the cast……..

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