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Ayesha Barkha Saloni reminisce incredible journey MTV Girls On Top

Ayesha Barkha Saloni reminisce incredible journey MTV Girls On Top

MTV’s fiction appear, Girls On Top has been very engaging for its heroes Saloni Chopra, Ayesha Adlakha and Barkha Singh. The young ladies set out on a greatly satisfying voyage to self-revelation and strengthening a couple of months back on the appear and have effectively made a spot in the hearts of numerous adolescents. Saloni, Ayesha and Barkha alongside Shantanu Maheshwari, Arjun Singh and Yuvraj Thakur have given us significant kinship objectives and have constantly voiced their assessments in a general public that still supports men all things considered. The primary period of the show has arrived at an end and following quite a while of being as one the young ladies had a couple of things to share about their trip on the appear.

On being a piece of this engaging adventure, Ayesha said, “It’s difficult to discern whether all introductions show such a great amount since you get only one! Young ladies on Top was the most enhancing and testing debut I could’ve requested. As a first time on-screen character, my essential rationale was to learn. The flavor and form that that was conveyed to me is vast to the point that I’m going to keep awakening to epiphanies for some time. Aside from my youth closest companions, I have never been extraordinary at making and keeping young lady companions, as of recently. Offering my life to Saloni and Barkha has been as amazingly satisfying (and sensational) off screen as it has been on screen. Depicting a character like Rave who I believed resembled me has been reflective without a doubt. Through the span of the show I have found numerous likenesses and some truly profound contrasts. Her contorted rationale has upset me furthermore helped me develop. I’m at long last getting an ideal opportunity to ponder the sea tempest that has hit my life as Girls On Top. Regular I comprehend the immensity of what has been accomplished and what could’ve been improved. I can gradually see now what I could’ve done another way furthermore what I figured out how to manage without knowing I had it in me! Given the chance, I won’t transform anything about my experience. It is continually going to be a first like no other. I entered Girls On Top to test, with near zero experience and I remain here today rich with knowledge and recollections. It’s far to the top and I’ve heard it gets desolate up there, however I’ve made companions forever, so I figure I duped that guideline like a genuine privateer all things considered….
Commenting on her rapport with the other girls, Saloni said, “Nerve wrecking would be an understatement. GOT has been a lot of everything. It’s been exciting, it’s been giving, it’s been my support system and on days it’s also been more than I felt I capable of handling. So it’s been a lot of everything. In this one year I feel as though I’ve lived a life time of Isha Jai Singh. Through the ups & downs, highs & lows. The love between the 3 of us girls has evolved me in many ways. It’s one thing having “friends” that you like being around – and it’s another thing when you have to spend 13 hours a day with each other, regardless of what you want. You learn so much. The thin line between your characters & you. You adapt to humans in such a beautiful way. I am so so blessed to have had co-actors like Ayesha & Barkha (I don’t say it enough). I’ve loved, and lived every bit of this journey. It’s broken me, matured me, and then shaped me again. I hope GOT has been just that special to everyone else too. I’m just really greatful that I got to be a girl on top. I wouldn’t replace this journey for the world!”

On playing Gia on MTV Girls On Top, Barkha said, “The journey has been epic. Full of learning experiences. The cast and the entire crew was one of the best cast I have worked it, both as actors and as people. Yuvraj, who was paired opposite me is also a gem of a person, we were super comfortable with each other and I learned a lot from him. I found friends and soul mates in the girls and we probably got along better than we did on the show also! I’m very sad that the journey has come to an end. A part of me will always remain with Gia……

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