Saturday , 3 December 2016
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Bahus battle Star Jalsha Ke Apon Ke Por


It’s the ideal opportunity for some dramatization amongst saas and bahu in Star Jalsha’s Ke Apon Ke Por (Boyhood Productions)!

Asking why do we say as much?

All things considered, according to our source, in the days to come, it will be demonstrated that Lata (Kalyani Mondal) will take a firm choice.

What’s more, what’s that choice will be?

All things considered, she will toss a test for her three girls in-law to run the house for the coming seven days all alone. The person who will turn out to be the best of all, would get the duty of doing the Laxmi pujo on the night of Kali Puja furthermore get the hereditary Sitahaar as a blessing.


Shouldn’t something be said about the bahu who will fall flat?
And the one who will fail will not be considered as the appropriate daughter-in-law of the house.
Joba (Pallavi Sharma) will get tensed on hearing this.
But she can relax as Param (Dippendhu Saha) will stand by her.
On the other hand, Tandra (Monalisa Paul) and Palak (Anannya Biswas) will plan to beat each other in the competition. They will also make sure to spoil Joba’s position in Lata’s eyes.
So, which bahu will eventually succeed in the competition? And what kind of hurdles will Tandra and Palak place in front of of Joba ?
Watch the interesting drama unfold in the coming episodes…

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