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Bigg Boss 10 8 November 2016 Written Episode

Salman Khan special advice Bigg Boss contestants

Bigg Boss 10 8 November 2016 Written Episode

Day 23


Swami is in washroom and sings tune, he is assaulting as well.


In house, Salman goes ahead Tv and requests that everybody go to action region.

All prisoners come to action region. Bigg manager says utilizing this resistance emblem, you can get invulnerability from designations two times in entire season. Bigg Boss presents the insusceptibility assignment where the competitors are solicited to offer a specific sum from cash and the individual offering for the most noteworthy sum will leave with the Immunity Medallion. In any case, in the deal, the victor’s offering sum will be deducted from the show’s prize cash, you can offer from1 to 25lacs, if more than one prisoner offer same sum then their offer will be invalidated and the second last most elevated bidder will get resistance

at that point.

Detainees begin putting their offers. Bigg manager requests that Lokesh demonstrate her offer. Lokesh has offered 230030/ – . Bani demonstrates her offer 2498719. Niti 249994, Gaurav demonstrates 249993, Lopa indicates 709999, Manveer indicates 2345000, Rohan demonstrates 249998, Manu indicates 249989, Karan indicates 300001, Mona 112001, Naveen indicates 2499998, Rahul indicates 2499998. Bigg supervisor says Rohan, Rahul and Naveen’s have offered most noteworthy yet its same so its invalidated and after that Niti’s offered is most astounding, she has offered 2499994 so she has got resistance emblem, she has wont errand, he says not prize cash is 2500006, he requests that Niti take emblem and leave movement region, Bani says who will pay 25lacs at this point? Niti takes emblem and wears it. Lopa embraces her. Mona says congratulations, Naveen says i was in regards to put 7 at end and i would have won, Manu says i thought Gaurav would have won, it would have been great. Lokesh says i am shocked, Naveen says Mona did great by offering less, Manu says i am miserable that we didnt win.


Bani requests that Gaurav talk in Bigg manager’s voice. Gaurav takes cover behind couch and mirrors Bigg supervisor. He asks till when you will remain in this house? Bani says i feel my days are tallied, Gaurav says how long? she sees Gaurav taking cover behind couch and snickers, he asks who is your top choice? she says Lopa and slightest most loved is Gaurav, he inquires as to whether you get removed before Lopa then you will feel awful? she says no, she inquires as to whether he will feel awful on the off chance that i get expelled before Lopa? he says i will feel terrible at whatever point you get expelled, Bani says that is the reason you named me.


Bani is indicating activity to Lokesh. Swami is tailing them by viewing on Tv, he says bigg manager indicate it constantly. Bani and Lokesh runs, Swami runs in his room.


Mona is singing and moving in kitchen. Swami is viewing on Tv and says you wotn get youthful by putting make up. Mona says i havent done representing such a variety of days, Swami says you are acting here as well. Lokesh requests that her show hip twirl. Mona lifts her shirt and demonstrates her gut moving. Swami says this doesnt take a gander at maturity, what sort of individuals vote in favor of young lady like her? Mona is enticingly moving, Swami begins taking after her means as well.

Day 24


Next morning, the housemates wake up to the tune ‘Minor Piya gaye Rangoon’. they move. Swami is moving as well. Mona comes in garden and moves. Manu says to Mona that tune proposes that we will get telephone from you family.
Bani is acting like she is on call with her family member, she says jaan, i say it every moment that i love you, i love you, i love you, dont forget it, i will see you soon, she starts crying, Mona is getting emotional too, Bani says we will cry more when we really get phone, i thought this would be fun, Mona starts crying. Manu cuts his finger while cutting veggies. Manu says to Mona that i have cut my hand as i was looking at you, Bani says he is lying, he cut his hand but not by looking at you, Mona comes to him to see his hand.

Inmates come in garden and see throne. Niti and Manu shriek. Lopa sings song played this morning, Swami is watching on Tv and sings too. All inmates leave but phone attached to throne starts ringing, only Bani is there. She says its cool, she takes call. Bigg boss is on line, he asks her to sit on throne, she sits. Bigg boss says this is start of nominations for this week. You have taken call so you are nominated now for this week, Bani says shit, bigg boss says you have option to get saved from it, if you want to get saved from nomination then you have to make Gaurav bleach(they will send) his eyebrows fully and nicely but till we dont order you, you wont get down from this throne, you call Gaurav here and convince him for task, he ends call. Bani screams Gaurav’s name. Gaurav comes there and asks what to do? Bani says this is funny, you might deny to do it, you always say actions speak louder than your words so now this action time. She tells him that he has to bleach his eyebrow then you can color them, Gaurav says why did you call me to do it? Bani says they asked to have Gaurav do it, this is your test. Gaurav says i am going to store room to bring bleach. Bani gets call again, Bani says Gaurav has agreed to do it so can i help him? Bigg boss says you can help him but keep sitting here, if Gaurav bleaches once then till next order from bigg boss, he cant color again, he ends call. Bani tells Gaurav that you cant change color till next order, you talked about coloring again thats why they called. Gaurav says i am sorry then, i cant do it, Bani says you dont want to save me? Gaurav says i was ready to do it but this off limits, sorry, he leaves. Bani says no one is friend in this house, no one will save you. Manu says it must be something that he cant do, Bani says i would have done it without thinking but he thinks a lot.

Gaurav asks Bani if they called again? she says no. Bani says i would have done this task, i am not forcing you, Gaurav says you are pressurizing me. Bani says we were talking about life long friendship yesterday only, Gaurav says is this friendship that you demand this? Bani says is this task that important? you are so attached to your ego and reputation, Gaurav says i have come in this house for that only, Bani says i am confused with your talks. Gaurav says tell them that i am doing task. Bani says come back again, you would need my help, Gaurav goes and brings bleach. Niti says its face bleach. Gaurav gives bleach to Bani, Bani applies it on Gaurav’s eyebrows. Bani says it will burn, keep your eyes shut. Gaurav comes in bedroom and takes off his jacket.

Bani gets call again. Bigg boss says ask Gaurav to wash his face and come outside. Gaurav is lying in bedroom and says its burning. Bani whistles from garden. Gaurav goes and washes his eyebrows, whole colors of brows are not gone.

Bani gets call again, Bigg boss says as Gaurav have done task for you so you are saved from this nominations, you can get down from this throne but except Lopa, you have to nominate one inmate and make him or her sit on throne, you cant nominate Lopa as she has won immunity task. Bani says i want Rohan, Bigg boss asks her to call Rohan and ask him to sit on throne, he ends call. Bani gets down throne.
Gaurav and Bani are in luggage area, Bani offers him some junk food, she says i never share it, try it, he says its okay. Bani says are you ignoring me? i would do same for you, are you regretting your decisions? Gaurav says i have my reasons, i never promised you to do things like that, i never promised you that i will save you from nominations, reason to do it was that a girl asked for help and nothing else.
Rohan is sitting on throne. He gets call, Bigg boss says Bani has nominated you but you can get saved from it. You have to make Karan agree to do task, task is that Karan to shred his wife Nisha’s picture that he received on Karvachauth with shredder, Rohan asks what is shredder? bigg boss cut it into pieces using machine, he ends call. Rohan calls Karan, Rohan tells Karan that Bani nominated me but i can get saved if you shred your wife’s picture using shredder. Karan thinks and says if they call, ask them to make me do anything else, this is beyond my limits, Rohan says i understand, Karan says give me some time.
Bani tells Gaurav that Karan have to shred his wife’s picture, Karan is in tears, Bani says i would not do it if i was you, buts it your decision. Gaurav says Rohan would understand and Nisha would understand too, do what your heart is saying, Karan says i need to save him bro, lets do it.
Karan brings shredder in garden. he brings Nisha’s picture and kisses it, he passes it through shredder, its cut in pieces, Karan collects pieces. Rohan is sad to see it. Mona hugs him and says its okay Karan, Lopa says she is in your heart, be strong, she wouldnt want to see you crying. Rohan gets call, Bigg boss says congrats, as Karan have saved you so you are safe from nominations. Karan hugs Gaurav and is in tears. Bigg boss says to Rohan that you have to nominate someone except Bani and Lopa. Rohan says i want to nominate Mona because she gave up in immunity task because she has back pain which makes her weak, Bigg boss asks him to make Mona sit, call ends. Rohan gets down and says to Mona that i cant nominate Bani and Lopa so i had to nominate you. Mona sits on throne. Rohan comes to Karan and says like i used to do it in serial, he touches his feet, Karan says have you gone mad? he hugs him.

Mona gets call. Bigg boss says you are nominated by Rohan, you can get saved from this nominations if you convince Manu to destroy his doll fully with a scissor that he received as a gift during Diwali, doll should be destroyed in such a way that it cant be used again, call ends. Mona calls Manu, Mona tells Manu about doll destruction, Manu says i will do it. Manu destroys his doll, he goes in corner and is in tears. Naveen says Manu lets do it, all are at same page, Manu says i dont want to look at that side. Mona gets call from big boss, Bigg boss says as Manu helped you by doing his task so you are saved from nominations this week, nominate one contestant except Rohan, Bani and Lopa, Mona nominates Niti and says she is straight but she gets loud, Bigg boss asks her to leave throne and make Niti sit on it. Mona comes down and Niti sits on throne. Rohan says good she got saved else i would have guilt. Mona hugs Manu, Manu says no big problem, she cries and kisses his cheek, he says they will do it, dont worry. Manveer packs Manu’s doll in bag and goes to throw it away. Manu and Mona both are crying, Lokesh asks him to not cry, she wipes his tears. Niti says to Bani that i dont think anyone have any problem with me. Manu goes in washroom and cries.

Niti gets call. Bigg boss says Niti you are nominated but you can get saved, you have two options, first is that you have two immunity chances as you won medallion, you can use one chance and get saved today or other option is that you make one inmate do one task and get saved. Niti says i want to use my immunity from two immunity chances as i think no one will do something really personal for me, Bigg boss says you are saved, nominate one contestant, Niti says i dont want to nominate from my team so strongest is Gaurav, she nominates Gaurav. Gaurav comes there and sits on throne.

Gaurav says i dont think about 15weeks, Manu says i am not cared of nominations. Gaurav says people here get hurt after nominations, talk about friendship and blackmail you emotionally, we are here to play game, friendship and game are different.
Karan is trying to join shredded pieces of his wife’s picture.
Gaurav gets call, Bigg boss says Niti nominated you but you can get save if you Bani to destroy her gown that she received as a gift from her friend Gauahar Khan on Diwali by dipping it in a bucket of paint. Garuav says let me try, bigg boss ends call. Gaurav tells Bani about task. Bani doesnt say anything and goes from there.
Karan is gluing picture.
Bani brings paint in garden. Bani says my best friend Gauahar sent it for me as she is fashion savvy and doesnt like me repeating clothes so its her way being with me on show but i have to kind of return favor to Gaurav, Gaurav says you dont have to, Bani says i know i dont have to. Bani dips jacket in paint and says i love you. She leaves from there. Gaurav gets call from bigg boss, Bigg boss says since Bani has done task for you so you are saved from nominations this week but you have to nominate one inmate. Gaurav nominates Manu and says we were talking and he said he doesnt get scared by nominations so i want to see it. Manu sits on throne. Mona is standing beside him.

Manu gets call, Bigg boss says we are ending nominations for today, you sit on throne tomorrow when you get call, he ends call. Manu says to his team that i dont want anyone to do any task for me so i am leaving it, he gets down from throne, Mona and his team pushes him back and says dont give it up, tell us task, Mona says just tell me task, Lokesh says have you gone mad? Naveen asks if they asked for Manveer’s jacket? Manveer shouts that atleast let him talk, you guys are ******, Karan brings picture there, he has joined all shredded pieces of his wife’s picture on cardboard and has got her picture back, all are stunned. Manu says they said that they will give me task tomorrow.

Manu says to Manveer that i want commoners to leave house, Manu says we are tired of handling people like Swami and Priyanka. Swami is watching on tv and says audience evict Manu because he is happy to see me evicted. Manu says i am worried that we will have to bear Niti for 21days, she is not girl to be digested for so many days……..