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Bigg Boss 10 Manu and Lokesh BRAWL

Bigg Boss 10 Manu and Lokesh BRAWL

The exit of Priyanka Jagga created a considerable amount of show in Bigg Boss 10.

Presently, it is the ideal opportunity for some better time.

As viewers would know, the bond between Indiawale has been unbreakable yet with Priyanka going, it appears like the relationship will get shaken.

In the wake of losing their satta, Indiawale won’t have the capacity to execute as sevaks. What’s more, with weight of performing and overseeing family unit tasks getting upon them, viewers will see Manoj Punjabi and Lokesh Kumari Sharma at loggerheads.

A battle will break between dear companions Manu and Lokesh at night over making chai (tea).

Shared a source, “Manu will approach Lokesh to get ready chai for him and she, then again will ask Akansha (Sharma) to help, as she would need to first scrub down.”

Akansha won’t take this benevolent and will express that Lokesh is assigning her share of work while Manu and Manveer are not contributing in the kitchen obligations…..
When Manu will get to know about it, he will tell Akansha that he asked Lokesh to make chai for him and she should have told him if she is not willing to do something. Lokesh will overhear their conversation and ask Manu to speak to her if he has any problem.
This would soon storm on a heated argument when Lokesh will say that she has no problem in making tea for anyone but she did not get a single opportunity since morning to take bath while everyone else is all decked up.
The fight will further escalate and get ugly as Manu and Lokesh engage in a verbal brawl…….

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