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Certain things destined happen Pearl V Puri playing Nagarjuna


The attractive hunk Pearl V Puri has had a considerable measure of changes regarding every one of the characters he has depicted on-screen.

From Badtameez Dil’s Abeer to Nagarjun, Pearl has made considerable progress!

Discussing his affection for snakes and his part in the Life OK appear, Pearl asserted, “I feel awesome that I am presently playing this sort of a part. There are sure things that are bound to happen, and you get associated with the things you adore. Presently I am assuming a part where I am a half snake and half human. I cherish snakes since my youth. Each child needs to be a superhero and even I needed to be one.”

“I felt awesome when I was offered the show. I had a chance to work with Yash ji in Veera however it couldn’t happen. I was offered Veera post jump. Badtameez Dil fell into my lap and in light of the fact that the story was worked around music and I was offered the part of a rockstar, I decided on it. I didn’t know Yash ji so well in those days. Presently even he lets me know that couple of things are predetermined and we were bound to cooperate,” included Pearl.

Pearl ensures that he puts in all his comprehension into the scenes. He included, “I attempt to make a grouping as regular as possible. I attempt to do the tricks all alone. I adore enterprise and now I am glad that I have a gigantic degree to perform with this part.”

In any case, each part accompanies a trouble calculate. Pearl answered, “Its hard to wear the focal points and shoot with them. I can just look straight with the focal points. The focal points are thick. I can’t squint appropriately subsequent to wearing them…..
Pearl also shared that he likes to be part of the fantasy based shows. “Saas bahu sagas are not me. I have nothing against Meri Sasu Maa, but Sattu was not me. I want to do these kinds of shows where I get to do a lot. But I consider everything as a learning phase and a good experience…..

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