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Coffin drama Zee Bangla Goyenda Ginni

Coffin drama Zee Bangla Goyenda Ginni

Here we bring a redesign of the up and coming scenes of Zee Bangla’s Goyenda Ginni (Shree Venkatesh Films)!

Perusers, the creators have weaved a grasping plot to keep you snared to the appear.

According to a solid source, in the coming scenes, it will be demonstrated that Parama will fall into the fatal trap set up by Joyodrotho.

The trap will be a very much plotted one. It will end up being an ice filled pine box. At the point when Parama will fall into the trap, Joyodrotho will rapidly exchange her to somewhere else….
He will bring her to an ice factory, where he wants her to meet his mother Deepshikha. A helpless Parama will try to convince Joyodrotho to release her but will fail.
Observing a right moment, Parama will try to flee. But this will anger Joyodrotho and now he would want her to freeze inside the ice slabs.
What will happen now? Will Parama be left to freeze to death by Joyodrotho? Or, will she manage to help herself to flee from the pangs of him…..

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