Monday , 5 December 2016
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Colors Krishndasi to be back with a Season 2


Colors’ Krishndasi has had a good run and has won a ton of fan following in the most recent couple of months. The show’s sudden consummation has in reality left a gouge in the groups of onlookers’ brains, and the viewers have been requesting a Season 2 of the show with a similar cast!!

All things considered, it appears like the well known Optimystix and Vaishnavi Media show may come back with a Season 2!!

Why are we saying as much?

Our sound source educates us, “The creators may concoct a Season 2 of Krishndasi……
Our hopes increased when we came across a recent tweet coming from Producer Vipul D Shah (Optimystix) where he indicated to the probable return of Krishndasi.
When we contacted protagonist Sana Amin Sheikh, she told us, “Yes, our producer has tweeted about it, but I have not been informed about any such thing yet.”
A channel spokesperson said: “There are no such plans as of now……..

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