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Comedy Nights with Kapil back Colors

Comedy Nights with Kapil back Colors

With storm appearing to float out, hot evenings are back. Furthermore, what superior to anything TV, to keep us entertained.

Here we are to share something truly fascinating that happened as we were surfing through channels today.

When we arrived on Colors, we were amazed to see Kapil Sharma with his troupe making us chuckle. Yes, Comedy Nights with Kapil (CNWK) was airing on Colors.

To take our gathering of people back in a world of fond memories, Colors and Kapil had a drop out inferable from inventive and money related issues. Post which the high quality comic moved out with his group and declared another task on Sony Entertainment Television.

With respect to Colors, it not just advanced and highlighted its aggressive shows on the same classification (Comedy Nights Bachao and Comedy Nights Live); it likewise pulled down all CNWK recordings from its Youtube channel. What’s more, this had harmed Kapil the most, as said to us in a prior meeting.

Also, here it was with the same enchantment making individuals go insane over the jokes. However, voila, after a couple of minutes it unfolded upon us that Kapil was not back, what we were seeing was a rerun. The scene was a December 2014 one, wherein Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’s 1000 week was praised with Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

On checking with few sources we discovered that the channel has been rerunning CNWK for two or three weeks now on Sundays….
Some mentioned it was a way to maintain ratings on Sunday, while some informed us that it was a way to prove that the channel still holds reign of its every project.
Interestingly, Kapil’s new show, The Kapil Sharma Show was simultaneously airing on Sony TV.
Well, we wonder if Colors has decided to bury the hatchet and airing Kapil’s show is the signal of the dove carrying the olive branch. Or is it to be on the rat race that it decided to once again go back to CNWK for higher ratings.
Whatever be the case, our Sunday surely proved entertaining catching up on both shows.
We tried buzzing Kapil and the Colors representatives but did not receive any revert till the time of filing the story……..

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