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Destiny bring Rishi Tanuja closer Colors Kasam

Destiny bring Rishi Tanuja closer Colors Kasam

Colors’ Kasam Tere Pyar Ki (Balaji Telefilms) is gradually treading the way of adoration post the rebirth of Tanu as Tanuja (Shivani Tomar).

Tanuja will surprisingly understand the genuine importance of affection when she will see a much enamored couple battle with their relatives to stay joined together.

According to the continuous track, Tanuja has spared a kid and a young lady and given them a spot to cover up in her home without anybody’s learning.

In the coming scenes, Tanuja alongside her family will confront tremendous issues, when the father and sibling of the young lady will come searching for them two…..
As per a source, “Tanuja and her family will be attacked by the two men. Sandy (Sharhaan Singh) and Neha (Renee Dhyani) will try to save their daughters from the mess. And in the process, the brother of the lover girl will shoot at the boy, but the girl will take the bullet in order to save his life. This incident will open Tanuja’s eyes, and she will firmly believe in love and destiny.”
Also, trouble for Sandy’s family will not end here. The brother and father will set Sandy’s house on fire, post which Sandy and Neha will decide to send their three daughters to Mumbai for safety reasons.
With this, the story will open up further with destiny yet again bringing Rishi and Tanuja to the same place…..

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