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Dev Joshi play double role SAB TV Baalveer

Dev Joshi play double role SAB TV Baalveer

The fans of SAB TV’s Baalveer (Optimystix Entertainment) are in for a regard as their most loved character Baalveer otherwise known as Dev Joshi is going to depict a twofold part on the appear.

In the coming scenes, Baalveer would battle against Prachandika (Nigaar Khan) and Dracula.

According to the storyline, Prachandika would find out about lord Dracula and his limitless kingdom. In the wake of meeting him, she would be stunned to see Dracula’s child Dorza, Baalveer’s carbon copy.

Prachandika would plan to exploit the circumstance. She would seize Dorza and take him to Patal lok.

Following day, she would go to meet ruler Dracula and let him know that the paris of Parilok have kidnapped his youngster and that they would change Dorza into Baalveer…..
At parilok, Dracula would come across Balveer, but assume him to be his son Dorza. He would not only bite him, but also take him to his kingdom.
Later, Dracula would give away his power to Baalveer (Dorza).
On the other hand, paris would get worried as Baalveer would be missing.
The paris would run into Dorza and he would give them a ring and ask them to give it his dad. As after seeing the ring, his dad would know who the real Balveer is.
According to the plan, the paris would go to meet him and tell him the truth. As soon as Baalveer would wear the ring, he would come back to his original avatar…….

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