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Diya to die in Zee Bangla Deep Jwele Jai


Faithful viewers of Zee Bangla’s Deep Jwele Jai (Tent Cinema), get prepared for a stunning advancement in the story!

Indeed, according to a source, in the coming scenes, it will be demonstrated that Diya (Nabanita Das) will walk towards the bank of the Ganges.

At that point she will begin strolling down the stairs and in the long run towards the profound water.

In the mean time, she will likewise get shot by the hoodlums contracted by Trina.

Then again, everybody back home will be agonized over her….
A distressed Arjo (Indrajit Chakravarty) will pray to Bajranbali to return Diya at any cost.
Can you guess what will happen next, readers?
Exactly after a day, the police will ask Arjo to identify Diya’s wounded body.
Naturally, Arjo will be shocked to hear this. He won’t be able to believe that Diya is no more…..

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