Monday , 5 December 2016
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Drama galore Aakash Aath Jagat Janani Maa Sarada


Here we bring an upgrade for the dependable viewers of Aakash Aath’s legendary cleanser Jagat Janani Maa Sarada.

A dependable source shared that in the days to come, it will be demonstrated that Sarada (Arpita Mondol) will achieve Jayrambati with Ramlal. While all the relatives uncommonly a sickly Shyama Sundari (Arpita Samanta) will be elated at her landing, news of Laxmi being ruthlessly tormented by her in-laws will achieve Kamarpukur.

Shakambari will send Ramlal to bring her little girl back. After a lot of a bother, Ramlal will prevail with regards to safeguarding her sister from the grasp of the purported evil spirits.

Viewers would realize that Sarada is exceptionally stressed seeing Laxmi’s psychological well-being as the last has as of now endured such a great amount at such a young age. In this way, she will choose to go to Kamarpukur to be with her adored Laxmi.

Then again, as Trailokyo was offended freely on account of the strange young lady of Kashi, he will choose to instruct a lesson to Ramkrishna (Suman Kundu)…….

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