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Drama galore Zee Bangla Goyenda Ginni

Drama galore Zee Bangla Goyenda Ginni

Here we bring an upgrade for the dependable viewers of Zee Bangla’s Goyenda Ginni (Shree Venkatesh Films)!

All things considered, according to a dependable source, in the coming scenes, it will be demonstrated that Parama (Indrani Halder) will achieve the mental shelter to meet Deepshika. In the wake of seeing her condition, Parama will feel thoughtful towards her.

From one perspective Parama will make her psyche to convey equity to Deepshika while then again; Joyodroto will watch out for her….
One day, Parama will pay a visit to the film critic again and convince him to tell her more truth about the case.
Next, after getting the address of Ranjan Kumar’s actual home in a village, she will visit the place along with Nandini.
Upon reaching there, Parama will get many important information regarding the missing child of Ranjan Kumar.
So, is Joyobroto actually the missing son of Ranjan Kumar? But why Joyobroto kills and freeze dead bodies…..

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