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Drama Kali Puja Colors Bangla Ki Kore Toke Bolbo


Faithful viewers of Colors Bangla’s Ki Kore Toke Bolbo, a considerable measure of dramatization will spill amid Kali Pujo!

According to our solid source, in the coming scene, it will be demonstrated that Udaan (Daipayan Chakraborty) will get a leave for the day of Kalipujo to visit his family.

Jannat (Soumi Chakraborty) too will get a leave to visit her home. In any case, rather than her sister, she will arrive up at Udaan’s home to improve the house with blossoms.

All things considered, obviously she will be stunned to see Udaan.

Also, on observing Jannat there, Bikram (Krishnendu), the officer in control, who brought Udaan home, will debilitate to rebuff her.

Seeing Udaan addressing Jannat, Saroja (Maitrayee) will ponder what he is doing with the bloom young lady!

Next, it will be demonstrated that to make her underhanded arrangements effective, Saroja will give Udaan cash to party with his companions on the Diwali night…..


So, what will be her plan.
Well, Saroja will make sure that Udaan would not be able to sit for the puja with his father.
Yes, readers…there is a ‘but’ here…
But Jannat will stop Udaan from going to the party and tell him to sit for the puja.
What will Udaan do? Will he go to the party or be there at the puja.
Watch the special Kali Puja episode on 29 October at 6.30 pm……

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