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Ekta Kaul dreadful tryst with dengue


Performer Ekta Kaul, the hero of Star Plus’ Mere Angne Mein is in the blink of an eye recovering from dengue in the place where she grew up Jammu.

Ekta has been out of activity from the show for some time, and will report back to set on 22 November.

The young lady expresses gratitude toward her stars, and obviously the Almighty for recovering her to wellbeing from a somewhat unnerving wellbeing condition.

Issues for Ekta began when she was in London for an occasion few days back. Later she went to Dubai for an occasion, and that was the point at which she got chills and fever. Her condition got truly terrible when the airplane terminal powers did not permit her to load onto the flight back to India from London. Rather she was conceded in a doctor’s facility for treatment. After over 24 hours, she was permitted to take the flight back and she reported straightforwardly on the sets.

Ekta we listen, shot for a 12 hours move notwithstanding when she had high temperature joined by chills. That was the point at which the creation folks required a specialist on set who recommended tests for dengue, intestinal sickness and chikungunya to be directed. In any case, the young lady finished the shoot on the day and when she achieved home, she lost her awareness.
Ekta told us, “When I was about to be admitted to the hospital, I only remember calling my parents and asking them to immediately come to Mumbai. I really thought I was dying. The test reports suggested that I had dengue. I don’t remember what happened in the initial two days of my hospitalization as I was hardly conscious. On the third day I was better, and on the fourth day I got discharged. My parents brought me to Jammu.”
Ekta’s platelets were low and the production house granted her further leave. “I am thankful to my producers for understanding my situation. They granted me nearly 20 days leave. I am getting better now, and will reach Mumbai by 22nd of this month……

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