Tuesday , 6 December 2016
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Helly Shah most expensive Diwali


Helly Shah, the delightful Swara of little screen has returned to the arrangement of her Colors appear, Swaragini after a Diwali break of three days.

The celebration of lights has to be sure brought another beam of light in Helly’s life!! Also, we mean it when we say it…

All things considered, why do we say as much?

Helly has skilled herself with a solitaire ring this bubbly season…And this Diwali has ended up being truly costly for the well known performing artist.

Says Helly, “genuine. Diwali has been truly costly for me. I have been on a shopping spree, regardless it goes on (snickers). I purchased a solitaire, and I am currently going to purchase a telephone. I plan to blessing my younger sibling with a telephone as well. Likewise, I need to blessing him with a costly watch, as he jumps at the chance to gather them. I have been purchasing part numerous garments, and the thought has appeared suddenly. I purchased a considerable amount of Indian outfits this Diwali…..
Aww!! A good list, we must say!!
After buying a solitaire, what’s next in mind for Helly?
The actress with a friendly tone exclaims, “Well, it was not a pre-planned thing to buy solitaire. But I had it in my mind for some time now. I like to sport rings, and I liked few other rings too. But I plan to buy them before my birthday (smiles).”
Helly will now wear her new ‘lucky charm’ solitaire on a daily basis…..

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