Monday , 5 December 2016
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Ishqbaaz latest news Daksh gets smitten Anika innocence

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Anika goes out to do a few game plans. Daksh’s entrance gets stunning as he faces the sweet tempest named Anika. Anika contends with him, and gets mixed up he is a woodworker. Daksh’s garments gets ruined as chutney falls on him. Anika contends with him, and does not get influenced by his demeanor.

Daksh needed to clarify him that he is Shivay’s companion. Anika begins charging him. She asks him where was he since long, and asks him tocome. He asks where. She says Oberoi house. He asks who is he. She has come there to station to pick craftsman, and feels Daksh is woodworker, even in the wake of seeing his cool rich outfits. He loves her dialect. She requests that he come quick, Billu ji is holding up.

Daksh asks her does she call Shivay as Billu and snickers. She requests that he allude to her with deference as she is his manager. She requests that he say Aap, not Tum, and call Shivay as Shivay Sir. Daksh appreciates conversing with her and afterward shrouds the way that he is Shivay’s companion, not a craftsman. Daksh gets all grinning by her engaging talk. Anika requests that he sit on her scooty, and get readied for a quick ride to Oberoi house. Daksh feels she is exceptionally telling, yet begins loving her purity. They both leave on her scooty……

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