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JD Majethia turns Lord Krishna SAB TV Khidki


The extremely capable performer, executive and maker JD Majethia is back on TV with blast, under his own particular pennant HatsOff Productions.

In the coming scene of his show Khidki (SAB TV), he will be seen ordering the part of Lord Krishna.

The story will rotate around a 8 year old kid Gopal (Afaan Khan). Gopal will battle to discover his feet in the focused world, doing combating to make a stamp in scholastics or games. To keep him breathed life into, his dadi will describe him motivational and otherworldly stories, affirming trust and confidence in God.

One day, tired of his grim presence, he will act determined and watch quick requesting God’s appearance. He will remain on one leg to advance sensationalize his activity…..
To placate his weird histrionic, Gopal’s father (Abhishek Awasthi) will hire a magician (played by JD Majethia) and would ask him to pretend to be God for a few days. The magician will meet Gopal and would inform him that he is Lord Krishna. He will get stuck when Gopal would ask him to stay with him for the next few days.
Eventually, the magician will leave the house and go away. On the other side, Gopal would miss him and get upset. He will then try to locate him. After a lot of search he will manage to find the magician.
But here will come a major twist.
What is it? For that, you have to watch the show.
The plot will also feature TV actress Melissa Pais as Gopal’s mother……

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