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Karan Anusha talk about their marriage plans


Television town cuties and super couple Karan Kundra and VJ Anusha are charming and approachable to the center. The twosome has the ideal mix of hotness, silliness, appeal and class.

It’s been a year that Karan and Anusha are dating, and they both looked an ‘upbeat hunky dory’ at the late dispatch meeting of their up and coming show, MTV’s Love School season 2.

At the point when gotten some information about their marriage, Anusha shared, “The marriage testament doesn’t make a difference to me. We both are exceptionally upbeat and substance in our life. We don’t need to sign a paper to settle down. There is no weight from family. I do put stock in the establishment of marriage. I have grown up watching tall tales however no marriage gets ready for now….
Agreeing to Anusha, Karan added, “The secret to our happy relationship is that we don’t stress about marriage and other things. There was a time when I couldn’t stay with a girl for more than 24 hours. And now it’s been more than a year that I am with Anusha. It’s about transition in life. I am not ready for marriage at this point of time. I am going with flow and marriage is not the only aim right now…..

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