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Karthik and Naira CONFESS Love Star Plus Yeh Rishta


The romantic tale of Karthik (Mohsin Khan) and Naira (Shivangi Joshi) in Star Plus’ prominent and long-running show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Director’s Kut) has been going incredible firearms!!

Following a week-long sadness, the adoration winged animals are at long last on way to admitting their affection for each other!!

Today evening time will be a major scene for the steadfast fanatics of this youthful and well known jodi of Karthik and Naira.

Try not to miss the scene, as it will be dramatization filled!! The scene will see Karthik and Naira get ready for their first date. Furthermore, the arrangements will for sure be unique…

We hear that Karthik will race to purchase another suit when he will get a date welcome from Naira. Yet, Karthik’s difficulty at the shopping center won’t be a luxurious situation!! He will stall out in the evolving room, and will be at lost time.

Then again, Naira will set up the setting for the event and give it a tall tale enrichment. Be that as it may, the bend in the story will come when Naira will coincidentally tumble down, cutting down every one of the enhancements.
Naira will be at a loss seeing the whole place in a mess. And Karthik will come rushing after finally getting unlocked from the changing room.

The two of them would bump into each other, get into a fight as usual. Karthik will throw his frustration at Naira, and Naira will reciprocate by yelling at him.

Finally, they would put a sudden full stop to the fight and say ‘I Love You’ to each other and hug and cry holding each other.

Aww!! So imperfectly perfect, Karthik and Naira are!!

We tried calling the duo, but they were busy in their shoot……

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