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Karuna Pandey Kaali Maata avatar Colors Devanshi


Karuna Pandey, as the always conspiring Kusum Sundari in Colors’ Devanshi (Full House Media), has been engaging groups of onlookers with her energy pressed execution.

As of late, the prepared campaigner needed to get into the symbol of Kaali Maata for an imperative succession. What’s more, Karuna truth be told, needed to experience the difficulty of sitting for quite a while to complete her make-up. What’s more, the best part was that Karuna needed to quietly get herself painted in dark from go to toe. The woman likewise needed to brandish a gigantic red bindi and shading her lips red for the arrangement.

According to sources, “Karuna not just gave her own particular contributions to make the scene idealize, additionally experienced the whole trial of getting spruced up calmly.”

This grouping will be a noteworthy high point in the show, as Kusum Sundari will think of another arrangement that will paralyze viewers.
We hear that Kusum will come in front of all as Kali Maata and give an appearance that Maata is indicating to one and all through her, that Kusum should vacate her throne for Devanshi (Kashvi Kothari) and go away. Post this sequence, Kusum Sundari will be seen crowning Devanshi as the Maata. This move by her will stun one and all.
When contacted, Karuna told us, “Yes, this sequence required me to get into the Kaali Mata getup. And it was a nice feeling. Though the make-up was time consuming, I enjoyed performing the scene. Washing away the black make-up and getting ready for my other normal sequences was indeed tough, but I managed to do it. The sequence has come out very well. To know why Kusum dresses up as Kaali Maata, you will have to watch the episode…….

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