Monday , 5 December 2016
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Kunal Thakkur excited part short film Back Pack


Kunal Thakkur of the motion picture The Xpose acclaim is truly amped up for his new short film. The performer is well known for his part in Bandini.

Titled ‘Rucksack’, the story will stay upon the adventure of six companions with a noteworthy bend towards the peak.

Kunal will assume the part of Rehan whose knapsack will make interest.

The part offered to Kunal has been extremely one of a kind as in he will play a Muslim living in India. Nonetheless, his companions would prod him by calling him a ‘Pakistani’.

Says Kunal, “The character is extremely relatable. The comic take given to the short film makes it altogether different and exceptional. I have completely delighted in being a piece of it….
Back Pack is made by Roshan Sachdev, a builder by profession in Bandra. Roshan’s idea is to launch the short film on a big scale as digital content. The best part of this short film is that it has been shot on a good budget, mostly outdoors.
Along with Kunal, actors Namita Ramsay, Annie Gill and ‘Keech Meri Photo’ fame Akasa Singh will be seen in the short film.
Here’s wishing Kunal all the very best for his short film…..

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