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Lakhi Chana beautiful place psycho analysis Sujan Mukherjee


Prominent film and theater identity, Sujan Mukherjee (well known as Neel), says that he is upbeat to be back as the stay of second release of Aakash Aath’s famous kids’ diversion demonstrate ‘Lakhi Chana’.

The on-screen character, who had tied down the before season as well, says that the same is a lovely place for psycho examination.

Sujan opined, “Subsequent to taking part in the diversion appear, numerous guardians have come to think about the dishes that their youngsters are really attached to eating. In the show, the children discuss those little yet imperative things about which their folks won’t not know about.”

“Unwittingly, an analysis happens here. The specialists bargain genuinely in light of the fact that it is their calling yet I bargain in a fun way. Numerous individuals have let me know that it is a wonderful place for psycho investigation,” he included.

The performing artist feels that Lakhi Chana is not the same as different shows for its approach…..
He observed, “I don’t think in the History of Indian television shows, such a children’s talk show has been made. Most of the programmes are talent hunt oriented. Everyone is talented but behind that every ‘talent’ a human being is also there and this show deals with that human being.”
“And in the second edition, the interaction between the children and parents will be more. It’s not that we are trying to bring a big change, we aim to highlight those little things that bond a child with his/her parents,” he added.
Well said, Sujan!
Watch Lakhi Chana from 14 November, Monday to Friday, 5 pm.
Sujan has acted in Tollywood films like Mishar Rahasya, Aabar Byomkesh and Teen Yaari Katha……

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