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Lopa and Mona BIKINI avatar set temperatures soaring


The Bigg Boss house is known to get distressing for its challengers. Furthermore, the one rest for them is the swimming pool.

Tired after a long and depleting extravagance spending assignment, Lopamudra Raut and Mona Lisa chose to take a break from the diversion and bounced into the pool for some fun and skip. What’s more, soon, the Indiawale collected to see what was going ahead outside.


It began with Manu taking a sneak look at Lopa and Mona’s outfits and staring at them for a bit. Also, before long, the sitting region close to the pool was filled as each of the four men – Navin, Manveer, Manu and even Swami ji distinctly watched the women as they took an unwinding plunge.

Be that as it may, their fun was shortlived as Mona scratched her shin while escaping the pool and went inside the washroom region to change her outfit and put a gauze.

Once the pool was vacant, Navin and Nitibha were caught examining the women’s decision of swimwear and the male hopefuls’ responses. Nitibha rushed to protect Lopa and Mona by saying that it was absolutely their choice to wear whatever they the length of they were agreeable, and Navin faithfully concurred….

Bigg Boss gossips

With Lopa and Mona’s bikinis causing quite a stir amongst the Indiawale, are these two ladies going to be their new favourites…..

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