Saturday , 22 October 2016
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Lovey gets discharged from hospital

Lovey gets discharged from hospital

Presently we have affirmed news that the on-screen character is out of threat and has been released from the doctor’s facility.

Being in consistent touch with the healing center (Axis Multispeciality, Lokhandwala) and her companions, we have been educated that Lovey’s test reports are typical and in this manner the specialist settled on releasing her from the clinic.

The ICU unit powers imparted to us, “Lovey was acquired the previous evening the healing center with extreme stomach throb and was running a high fever. She was conceded in the ICU and specialists inspected her. With tests reports being conveyed toward the evening, we concluded that she could go home…..

As per the authorities, Lovey’s costar Kajal Pisal signed on the discharge papers and took her home.
When we buzzed Kajal she said, “Yes, Lovey was hospitalized last night but she is recuperating now. Please call me later.”
Lovey’s phone, which was with costar Upekha Jain till now was switched off till the time of filing the story.
As readers would know, it is also Lovey’s birthday today……

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