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Meet the top 8 contestants Sony TV Super Dancer


There’s show and move noticeable all around as another pack of performers set the screen on fire with their skills…yes, we are discussing Super Dancer.

The show has been earning much gratefulness from all quarters for the ability of the children. Judged by Shilpa Shetty, Anurag Basu and Geeta Kapur, the truth arrangement likewise touches feelings with its inspiring fondness filled scenes.

As the much prevalent show Sony Entertainment Television will kick-begin with its main eight candidates surprisingly, here we motivate you to acquaint them with you……

Take a look:
Ditya: The classified tomboy of the clan. Rules the hip-hop world and can give any boy or girl equal takkar.

Siddhant: According to Anurag Basu, he is a silent killer. His dance is like poetry in motion. His most memorable performance on the show was his lyrical on ‘Pinga’.

Deepali: Expressive, drama and Bollywood Queen. Bowling all celebs with her dialogue delivery, she will rule your hearts too. Remember how she impressed us with her performance on Ghani Bawali during the audition round?

Ashish Das: Well, the king of Contemporary can beat anybody in this genre. Is it any wonder that he’s made it to the top 8..

Masoom: The most flexible contestant of Super Dancer. Her ‘Masoom Step’ challenge shocked every celeb on the show..

Laxman: He is the underdog of the show. Every song that he has performed is a memorable one.

Ananya: Versatility queen-no dance form can she not do. Her semi classical dance on hover board left us speechless.

Yogesh: Fabulous performer – There is no dance form that he can’t do. HE is known for his impersonation of Shakti Kapoor and for wowing audiences with his Ganpati act.
Good luck, folks! Rock the stage like no other….

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