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Omkara emotional breakdown Star Plus Ishqbaaaz


Star Plus’ prevalent show Ishqbaaaz (4 Lions Films) is in fact going the fascinating way!!

The passing of Gayathri (Geeta Guha) has opened up another part in the lives of the Oberois. What’s more, the man reeling under weight now happens to be Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh).

According to the continuous plot, ACP Ranveer (Ayush Anand) has been hassling Omkara on numerous occasions. Furthermore, the explanation behind badgering is not the demise of Gayathri, but rather the passing of a young lady two years back!!

Yes, the past frequenting Priyanka (Subha Rajput) and Omkara is of the demise of a young lady, whose character is yet not known.

Likewise, the scenes that have broadcast have been suggestive of the honest Omkara being so coerce stricken that he has taken to drugs.

Presently, Omkaara’s blame will get further with yet another disclosure.

According to sources, “The ACP will be at his diversion once more. He will send a photo of a kid to Omkara and afterward call him to say that the kid happens to be the child of the young lady who he murdered.”

This will make Omkaara shiver in dread and blame.

We hear that there will be an immense emotional succession wherein Omkara will go off in his room, in the wake of infusing himself with the medication infusion…..
Our sources confide, “The entire family will get to know of Om’s bewildered state. And to Om’s rescue will come Ridhima (Shireena Sambyal) who will make her return, post the duo’s breakup.”
She will immediately treat Om, and get him back breathing. Once Om will be back to his consciousness, he will hug Ridhima and weep.
Yet again, Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and the family will get confused about the exact reason for Omkara’s depression. Seeing Omkara happy with Ridhima, they will presume that Om was in depression after breaking up with Ridhima……

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