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Paranormal twist Zee Bangla Goyenda Ginni

Paranormal twist Zee Bangla Goyenda Ginni

Time to grin as we bring a bit of uplifting news for the dedicated viewers of Zee Bangla’s Goyenda Ginni (Shree Venkatesh Films)!

All things considered, we hear that after her family’s steady request, Parama (Indrani Halder) will take up the calling of Goendagiri once more.

In this way, according to our dependable source, in the coming scenes, it will be demonstrated that she will take up the instance of Tridha Banerjee, who will educate her about some paranormal exercises going ahead in her home.

Parama and Nandini will visit Tridha’s home in mask. They will watch some suspicious exercises circumventing the house spinning the medium, a young lady named Adrija Dutta.

Notwithstanding, they will need to return subsequent to other relatives of the house will prevent them from interrupting in their matter….
Interestingly, the next day Tridha’s mother will visit Parama and ask her to take up the case for her.
Not only this! She will also request her to live in their house and investigate the case and give protection to Adrija.
As per plan, both Parama and Nandini will land up in Tridha’s house but they will have to face the rage of Tridha. The fact that they decided to go with her mother will irk her.
Planchet and other paranormal activities will begin to encircle the house and more suspicion will follow.
Will Parama be able to crack the code of the paranormal activities in the house…….

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