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Peshwa Bajirao Serial Title Timing Cast Plot Song Promo Wiki


Peshwa Bajirao’ is an Upcoming television Serial on Sony Tv channel.It is.ambitious 100 crore venture will be helmed by Sphere Origins and innovatively delivered by Nilanjana Purkayasstha’s organization Invictus T Mediaworks .TV demonstrate in light of Bajirao Mastani will air on two stations – Sony and &TV.

‘Sony Tv’ Channel is now running some fruitful television program in various class like SankatMochan Mahabali Hanuman ,Suryaputra Karn in mytho Genre. CID and Crime Petrol network program in thriller Genre. Parvarish season – 2 and Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi television serial in Drama Genre…..

Story Plot Wiki

In the mid eighteenth century, the court of Maratha Chhatrapati Shahu from Satara Empire another Peshwa, the likeness a cutting edge head administrator. Disregarding Shripad Rao’s self-assignment as the Pant Pratinidhi, Ambaji Pant selects a youthful Bajirao . To test his profound astuteness and information of weaponry, Shripad challenges Bajirao to part a peacock quill with a bolt. Bajirao succeeds and is given the title of Shrimant Peshwa.

After ten years, his significant other Kashibai is gone to by her widowed companion Bhanu, whose spouse was blamed for keeping an eye on Bajirao and subsequently was executed. She sharply foreshadows that simply like she aches for her better half, Kashi, as well, will long for Bajirao.

While making a trip to Sironja, an emissary from Bundelkhand penetrates Bajirao’s tent and requests his assistance in battling trespassers. She uncovers herself to be Mastani , the little girl of the Rajput King Chhatrasal and his Persian ruler, Ruhani Bai. Awed by her abilities as a warrior, Bajirao helps her with his armed force and annihilations the trespassers.

Chhatrasal is excited and demands that Bajirao go through Holi with them. Mastani and Bajirao create affections for each other and he endowments her his knife, which is an image of marriage among the Bundelkhand Rajputs. He soon withdraws for Pune, where Kashi welcomes him with a voyage through their recently constructed Shaniwar Wada and demonstrates to him the Aaina Mahal (lobby of mirrors) which permits her to see him from her room.

Resolved to seek after her adoration, Mastani touches base in Pune yet is dealt with cruelly by Bajirao’s mom Radhabai and obliged in the castle for mistresses. She endures this affront and seems to move before Bajirao on the event of Parava. Radhabai derisively offers her the control of an imperial artist however declines to acknowledge her as a girl in-law. Mastani goes to the King and communicates her craving to be with Bajirao before leaving to sit tight for him at a destroy over the stream. Bajirao crosses the stream amidst a tempest and scolds her steadiness, advising her that he is as of now hitched and that his court will never regard her on the off chance that she is with him. She concurs notwithstanding his notice and he pronounces her as his second spouse.

Bajirao leaves to face the Nizam of Deccan and despite the fact that his chances of triumph are thin, he returns effective. A pregnant Kashi witnesses Bajirao grasping Mastani, who is additionally expecting, in the Aaina Mahal and leaves for her mom’s home. She returns months after the fact with her infant child, who is named Raghunath in happy festival. Mastani additionally brings forth a child, whom Mastani and Bajirao name Krishna Rao, yet when Krishnaji Bhatt, the head Brahmin cleric, declines to lead the naamkaran (Hindu dedicating function) and he is esteemed ill-conceived, Bajirao names him Shamsher Bahadur. A couple of years after the fact, Kashi’s eldest child Balaji Baji Rao (nom de plume Nana Saheb) comes back from Satara and communicates disdain towards Mastani for disturbing his mom’s marriage.

Kashibai is educated of a slippery arrangement to kill Mastani and her child amid a celebration by Shiva Bhatt, another Brahmin minister. Kashibai reluctantly transfers this news to Bajirao, who salvages them two from unavoidable passing. Taking after the murder of Shiva Bhatt by Krishnaji Bhatt, Bajirao is incensed. For Mastani’s security and to concede her an imperial habitation, constructs Mastani Mahal for her. Bajirao, be that as it may, is inconsolable because of the double-crossing of Radhabai and Chiman Appa, when Pant illuminates him that he should vanquish Nasir, the vindictive child of the Nizam. Bajirao broadcasts that regardless of the possibility that he adores Mastani, his life and devotion is dependably to his bring about, so he chooses to enter the war zone.

After Bajirao leaves for the fight to come, Radhabai and Nana Saheb detain Mastani and Shamsher Bahadur. After Bajirao without any assistance routs Nasir, he gets news of this unfairness and falls from his wounds. Kashi begs Radhabai to discharge Mastani so that Bajirao can recuperate, however her endeavor is purposeless as Balaji Baji Rao copies the letter and declines to discharge Mastani. Bajirao, dazed because of his disorder, kicks the bucket from the injury of his pipedreams, similarly as Mastani passes away in bondage. The two destined darlings are appeared to be joined in death……

Star cast

Anuja Sathe
Siddharth Nigam
Raza Murad
Manish Wadhwa
Mrunal Kulkarni
Ravindra Mankani
Sanjay Batra
Rudra Soni
Nawab Shah

Timing Telecast

TV Show Name : Peshwa Bajirao
TV Channel Name : Sony Tv (Sony Entertainment Channel)
Launching Date : December 2016
Days : Monday Friday
Show Timing :—-
Episode : ———
Genre : Drama

Promo Title Song

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