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Quikr’s Dazzlr Android Iphone App organise film industry Free Audition Detail

Quikr's Dazzlr Android Iphone App organise film industry Free Audition Detail

Modeling Acting in Film Tv Industry

Quikr reported the dispatch of Dazzlr, an ability revelation stage that unites Actors, Casting Professionals, Directors and Producers. Accessible on both Android and iOS, Dazzlr is gone for sorting out throwing and ability revelation that will address the requirements of the film business in India and past. The Indian media and diversion division alone is relied upon to wind up a US$ 29.11 billion by 2019.

The stage has been produced by Quikr in association with Vivek Bohra, a third era Film Maker and eminent Casting Director, Aadore Mukherjee. It offers custom-made answers for take into account the one of a kind needs of both specialists and throwing experts for an assortment of amusement configurations, for example, silver screen, TV, theater, promoting, territorial and universal film creation. Situated in Mumbai, Dazzlr at present has a solid group of experts that will work as a free element under the Quikr umbrella….
Dazzlr allows budding actors to list for free with a fee to apply for select roles. The platform enables production houses and casting directors to post their requirements and browse through artist portfolios to bookmark and call them for auditions. Some of its unique features for artists include provisions for video and image uploads to build a portfolio and notifications to help them stay updated on opportunities in upcoming screen roles…..


Dazzlr is a “Stimulation Marketplace” that empowers work seekers (on-screen characters, artists, models, and so forth.) to interface with customers (executives, throwing chiefs, generation houses, and so on.)..
Dazzlr helps opportunity providers (clients) find the right talent with the help of smart cast technology. Dazzlr enables its talent to build portfolios, upload images and videos on the app to showcase their credentials. The talent discovery process is highly simplified and made quicker, thanks to the Dazzlr App. Dazzlr will be an one stop shop for production houses, film makers, casting directors, advertising and modelling agencies to find and book talent. With Dazzlr, modelling and acting job opportunities are just a click away….

Dazzlr Features

Artist can create a portfolio, upload images & videos and showcase their talent
Artist can browse/filter through the opportunities and apply for them
Artist can receive opportunity recommendations, audition call notifications and messages from the producer or casting director or production house (clients)
Clients can post the requirements, ask for video by providing a specific script
Clients can mask their identity while posting their requirements
Clients can browse/filter through the pool of talents available
Clients can bookmark, send audition calls to the suitable talents
Clients can send messages to the artist without revealing the contact details
Clients can create assistant logins to delegate the task…

Benefits for The Artist Community

Unique Platform
Dazzlr gives opportunities for artists to showcase their talent and credentials

Gives Artists the chance to apply for roles across different film industries and different formats of entertainment

Instant Notifications
Artists will receive instant notifications on their app when a production house/casting director is interested in their profile.

Artists have complete privacy, only clients get to see the profiles.

Benefits for The Opportunity Providers (clients)

Big Talent Pool
Dazzlr aims at connecting opportunity providers with a vast and organized pool of creative talent

Fast & Convenient
With Dazzlr, talent discovery is easy and quick. Reaching the right talent is just a few clicks away

One Platform For All Your Casting Needs
Casting professionals can use our platform to manage your end-to-end casting needs

No Need To Share Your Personal Details
You can interact with the talent without revealing your email id or contact number….

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