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Romance time for Ashok and Kaurwaki Ashoka

Romance time for Ashok and Kaurwaki Ashoka

Colors’ broadly refreshing verifiable show arrangement Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat that follows the life of Emperor Ashoka and his voyage from being a youthful warrior ruler to a pernicious pioneer has been making waves among the viewers.

The show as of late saw a sentimental track with Ashoka (Mohit Raina) and Kaurwaki (Soumya Seth) falling somewhere down in affection with each other in front of their marriage

As a part of the arrangement, Kaurwaki goes to meet Ashoka with a specific end goal to apologize for whatever turned out badly between them. Be that as it may, when she will go into his room, she will discover Ashoka sleeping soundly. Hypnotized by the blameless look all over, Kaurwaki will expresss her friendship by giving a kiss on his brow…..
Ashoka will quickly sense Kaurwaki’s touch and pull her closer to him when she is about to leave. Kaurwaki would be unable to content her happiness and blush softly over Ashoka’s sweet gesture. As the sequence will progress, they would get lost in this romantic moment.
Speaking about shooting the intimate scene, Soumya Seth said, “Initially, I was little apprehensive about shooting an intimate scene but as we went along, I loosened up a bit. Our director and my co-star Mohit made me very comfortable while filming the sequence and we shot it without any hiccups. The episode has come out really well and I am extremely happy about it……

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