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Sangram surprises lady love Payal birthday


Federation heavyweight champion, Sangram Singh is unmistakably head over heels for his fiancee Payal Rohatgi. On the event of Payal Rohatgi’s birthday, Sangram shocked his woman adore with a delightful shining dim blue Mercedes C – Class. The on-screen character was rendered astounded when she saw the auto interestingly. The Wrestler had gone to long lengths to keep this lavish blessing a flat out shock. Payal has been away for­­­­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­Diwali going by her folks at ­­­­­­­­­Ahmedabad. This was the time that Sangram took, to arrange out this lavish amaze for Payal.

The auto is not only an ardent signal for Payal but rather has an extremely individual space in Sangram’s heart also. For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, Haryana is one of the states where you can discover Mercedes even in the towns, such is the thriving. Growing up, Mercedes was his fantasy vehicle and constantly needed to get one for himself. The way that he chose to purchase his ‘Fantasy Car’ for his fiancee rather than himself showing how profound their bond is.

Sangram took an exceptionally charming video taking Payal to the auto blindfolded. The delight that Payal showed on observing her blessing was simply incredible.

“When I was considering what to get Payal for her birthday, the auto all of a sudden struck me. Mercedes had been my fantasy vehicle when I was a child. I generally thought I will get myself a Mercedes one day. Yet, the fantasy appeared to be far off in those days. It is not any longer. A great deal of it was my own particular solid will and god’s favoring. Be that as it may, there is probably Payal’s support throughout the previous couple of years has helped me maintain the underlying push that wrestling gave me. This present most importantly is me imparting my fantasies to the ladies I adore.” said the wrestler on Payal’s birthday present.

Payal then again however she comprehended what was occurring. Be that as it may, kid was she in for an amaze when the blessing was revealed. It’s not the gifting that amazed her but rather the blessing itself….
I knew he was going to “surprise” me as it’s my birthday, so I decided to act all surprised. But when I actually saw my gift, I think I went from faking surprised to an absolute overwhelming feeling, in no time. I thought I knew what was happening, but a Merc as a birthday gift is an absolute shocker…of the best possible kind. Now I know what he was up to while I was visiting my parents. But what moves me the most is that this is his Dream Car and he decided to buy it for me. It only goes to show the place I hold in his heart.”

Earlier this year Sangram made a statement in regards with Payal stating, “Iss saal toh shaadi karni padhegi”. The way their romance has been kindling on, we have a feeling that wedding bells might not be that far off……

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