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Seema Mishra unique take on LOVE


Performing artist Seema Mishra is particularly not at all like her on-screen character of Nivedita, which she depicts for the Life OK appear, Kalash.

While as Nivedita, she will do everything without exception to get back her adoration, Seema, in actuality, feels that affection is about communicating one’s emotions in a genuine way. What’s more, notwithstanding when you cherish the individual genuinely, you ought not try for him on the off chance that he is not yours!!

Aww!! Such a differentiation from “genuine” and ‘reel’.

Get some information about affection, and she rushes to state, “I adore being infatuated; I cherish adoring somebody. In any case, love for me is in the same class as like. There is a barely recognizable difference that isolates “love” and ‘like’. In the event that you like somebody, you tend to regard the individual. On the off chance that you adore him, you will get possessive about him.”

Seema likewise has an intriguing perspective on ‘marriage’.

“Marriage is an abused and mishandled term which has lost its pith. I might want to go for “association” instead of “marriage” and “enjoying” over ‘adoring’. There are many individuals I like, however not very many who I cherish. When you cherish a man, you simply don’t do anything to hurt the individual. I adore my mom unequivocally. Additionally, I have somebody unique in my life, furthermore numerous extraordinary things that I cherish.”

Explaining further, she states, “I have been infatuated with the plants, trees, blooms, my home and so forth. It is a perpetual procedure. In any case, the one near my heart is the bond that I impart to my mother.
On marriage she further clarifies, “I don’t understand marriage. I see it as the legal mode to live together and make babies. But I am neutral on the thought of marriage. I will rather go in for a setup wherein I need not go through the process of legalizing a relationship to make babies.”
Ask her about the man in her life and she is quick to say, “Well, he’s not from the industry. And I don’t want to talk about it. It is an unimportant part of my life that need not come out in the open.”
Lastly, Seema also confides in us, “If I do get married some time in my life, it will only be after fully understanding the meaning of marriage. However, when I go through it, it will definitely not be a typical marriage wherein all the norms and rituals will happen……

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