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Shah Rukh khan pokes fun Alia Dear Zindagi Take 2

Shah Rukh khan pokes fun Alia Dear Zindagi Take 2

It is fascinating to perceive how Alia Bhatt’s notoriety for being somebody who gets trolled and is sufficiently cool to take it on her button is utilized as a part of the second secret trailer of Gauri Shinde’s “Beloved Zindagi”.

The one trolling Alia in this secret about holding and backchat is none other than genius Shah Rukh Khan, who plays Jahangir Khan – “Container” to companions.

In a snapshot of conversational ‘kabaddi’, Shah Rukh tells Alia he repairs cycles and in the event that he can’t repair them, he ‘re-cycles’ them.

Prompt for Alia to laugh over the incongruity of “reused” cycles….
On a more serious note, she wants to know if damaged human beings can also be repaired.
In both the teasers of “Dear Zindagi”, one can see SRK and Alia bonding over seemingly lighthearted bantering. But the indications of a deeper thrust to their relationship cannot be missed.
Amit Trivedi’s evocative music ensures we know there is more to this than meets the eye.
Alia may chuckle over her wise and all-knowing co-star recycling bicycles, but somewhere deep down her character Kyra is searching for a reparation for which these trailers are mere preparation…..

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