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Shocking twists before leap Life OK Bahu Humari Rajni Kant


Life OK’s well known show Bahu Humari Rajni_Kant (Full House Media) is heading towards another contort with the five years jump happening soon!!

Be that as it may, the pre-peak stage will bring enthusiastic and also engaging minutes to the group of onlookers. has officially reported about a noteworthy turnaround driving Shaan (Raqesh Vashisth) to destroy Rajni, his own one of a kind dear creation and toss the parts out of the house.

We now get you points of interest in the matter of what will incite Shaan to make this real stride.

According to the progressing track, Rajni is after a “dengue” bringing about mosquito which has gone into the Kant house. She has been softening things up the house and making a considerable measure of upset her irregular conduct attributable to her central goal to murder the mosquito. Unconscious of this significant stride of Rajni, the Kant family will assume that Rajni has lost her psyche, and she expects to murder Surili (Pallavi Pradhan).

This misconception will bring about a great deal of mayhem in the Kant family!!

According to sources, “Rajni will go full scale to execute the dengue mosquito, however it will appear to Surili that she is coming to slaughter her. Surili will attempt to escape Rajni’s fury, and in the pressure made, Surili will get a heart assault. What’s more, Rajni will’s identity display when Surili will get the assault will attempt her best to resuscitate her..
So will Rajni be able to save Surili?
We hear that Rajni will give electric shocks to revive Surili, and when the Kant family will see this, they will be shocked.
And this will pave way for Shaan’s angry outburst on Rajni. Immediately, Shaan will dismantle Rajni and will throw the parts outside.
And with this, the story will take a five years leap.
If sources are to be believed, the post leap story line will kick start with the Kants losing their rich lifestyle. They will be shown to be very poor.
We also know that Rajni will be joined by her kid Ram, played by Aryan Prajapathi post the leap…..

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