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Shravan Suman have ugly fight Ek Duje

Shravan Suman have ugly fight Ek Duje

Appears like cheerful days are faraway for Suman (Nikita Dutta) and Shravan (Namik Paul) in Sony Entertainment Television’s Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Bindu Moving Images).

The show is seeing heaps of wanders aimlessly as it is focussing on the affection triangle plot.

According to the late tracks in the appear, Aditya (Ronit Kapill) is attempting to awe Suman as he is frantically enamored with her…….
In the upcoming episodes, Aditya will try to get closer to Suman but this will not go down well with Shravan. He will also see Aditya and Suman having a fun talk which would make him more jealous.
Furthermore, Kamini’s (Anjali Mukhi) demands will keep on increasing and this will create a rift between Shravan and Suman. Jealous Shravan will not trust Suman and hence they will have a major fight.
We also hear that the upcoming track will focus on Nanaji (Madan Joshi). His health will deteriorate and he will ask Suman to get married.
This means is Shravan and Suman’s marriage on cards…….

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