Thursday , 27 October 2016
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Snake add drama &TV Santoshi Maa

Snake add drama &TV Santoshi Maa

&TV’s Santoshi Maa (Rashmi Sharma Production) is investigating every possibility to enliven its gatherings of people.

Presently, the show is good to go to enthrall its viewers with an extremely energizing turn.

We have officially educated group of onlookers about Santoshi (Ratan Rajpoot) and Dhairya (Ayaz Ahmed) going out and staying in a tent.

Presently, in the coming scenes, Santoshi will rest and a snake would enter the tent. It will be going to chomp Dhairya however Santoshi would figure out how to hold it. In the process she would get chomped by the snake. The poor young lady won’t comprehend anything subsequently she will go to Maa Santoshi’s sanctuary and will begin singing bhajans….
Soon Dhairya will learn about the incident and he would reach on time to save his wife Santoshi. Ankur (Khushank Arora) will witness Dhairya and Santoshi being happy together.
Next day, he will inform Police about Dhairya’s tent and the officials will tell Dhairya that it is an illegal tent and hence they will have to break it.
What will happen next? Will Dhairya and Santoshi find a new place to stay…….

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