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Sony TV Super Dancer Glorious and gallant

Sony TV Super Dancer Glorious and gallant

The universe of Indian TV is entrancing, to the degree of being bolting.

With a charming substance creation, viewers appreciate a colorful affair enhancing life once a day.

In the move reality space, in the first place there was the procedural. Boogie Woogie (Sony TV) set the tone of a child move reality arrangement and chalked the guide for the advancement of the organization.

Presently, Super Dancer, the recently dispatched kid reality show on Sony TV, has consummated the structure.

Created by Frames, the show draws may from its three prevalent judges, Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapur and Anurag Basu. Obliging yet adroit, they convey a reasonable point of view to the plan of things….

Sony TV Super Dancer pic

And we, at, must admit that Super Dancer opened to a scintillating episode last week.
Absolutely stunning, it adds ‘difference’ to the otherwise ‘procedural’ via its kid talent.
Children, aptitude and emotions make for a winning formula (almost everytime), but Super Dancer takes a huge leap in the realm via its applaudable selection of performers.
The young hearts with their supple limbs and wide smiles tug at one’s heartstrings. They display courage, determination and impeccable dexterity, leaving all open mouthed….

Sony TV Super Dancer

From hip bounce to Bollywood to combination, they make us sit up and take note.

The judges are a happy pack. They adhere to their parts and don’t make an endeavor to eclipse each other. While Geeta adheres to the details, Shilpa focusses more on the general expertise, and Anurag rates on the bundling of the candidate.

They appear to be truly warm, upbeat individuals, who appear to have an awesome time with the children.

Be that as it may, what emerge are the exhibitions with bits of unobtrusive passionate pieces, an unequivocal number churner….
Super Dancer has the potential to be a runaway hit if they stick to the basics and focus on the talent and not go over-the-top dramatic in a desperate attempt to gain numbers. With Sony and its content strategy, one can expect consistent quality. Production quality is laudable with the setting matching the exuberance of the children.
To sum up, recommends all its readers to definitely watch Super Dancer to witness television programming with a difference. A must watch for all
The show airs every weekend Sat-Sun at 8pm on Sony TV…..

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