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Super controversial Bajate Raho session Splitsvilla 9

Super controversial Bajate Raho session Splitsvilla 9

Splitsvillains at long last got an opportunity to discharge weeks of repressed disappointment and annoyance against each other in the ‘93.5 Bajate Raho’ session while looking after anonimity. For a couple Splitsvillains the Bajate Raho session turned out to be an anxiety buster while for others it was an eye-opener. In addition, the best part of the Bajaje Raho session was that the princesses who more often than not sit on the position of royalty got an opportunity to perform alongside different challengers….

 Splitsvilla 9

The Bajate Raho session did take a lot of contestants by surprise making them feel victimized to a great extent. Shreeradhe was bombarded with many questions on the genuinity of her relationship with Karan Chhabra and her connection with Karan Khanna. Splitsvillains were especially unforgiving towards Shreeradhe, swamped her with statements like “I feel Shree will cheat on Karan Chhabra again. I see no remorse on her face.” Martina and Isha weren’t spared either. Mia Lakra, the most controversial character on the show too faced the wrath as a contestant asked her to “get that accent out of her mouth.”

A source close to the sets said, “This was an entertaining session and contestants did get to know what fellow Splitsvillains think about them. This was a great eye- opener for some and can definitely change the course of the game……

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